Gomark d.o.o.

A company with tradition aiming to the future.

The company Gomark d.o.o. was established in 1994. The founder has used his knowledge and experience in the field of manufacturing and marketing of the wood splitters, forestry winchers, fruit presses and mills in his own company. In 2003 we protected our trade mark LANCMAN™, which has existed since we produce our own products and also nowadays we are trading wood splitters and fruit presses under this trade mark on the European, north and south American markets. The production is based on our knowledge. All products are planned in an up-to-date 3D programme and are tested before the serial production. The best ideas arise from the practical work. Therefore, after the thorough examination the ideas are quickly integrated into our products.

The thin plate is formed on the high-tech CNC guided machines and is welded by the most technologically excellent welding machines. The products have a quality protection. The painted surface is treated under the following procedure: a shot pinning of the thin plate, degreasing, basic protection made by zinc-phosphate and in the end powder painting at a high temperature. The result is a quality product protection with a long lifespan. The final product control is carried out by the test start of each product separately. Gomark d.o.o.. We do our best in order to satisfy our customers. Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to a quality presentation of the products which help our clients to choose the right product for their needs. We are truly pleased only if our customer is pleased. [...]



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With a large and high-quality range of customer services and before and after the sale of the products we meet the needs of the customer. The expectations and requirements of the customer are the fundamental driving force of the adaptation of business processes in the company's business.

Our knowledge, innovation and ingenuity enable us to develop high-tech products. Other values that distinguish us are:

1Flexibility and responsiveness.

2Development - with our own development, we assure high flexibility and good responsiveness.
3Partnership and trust - the selection of reliable partners and trust are the basis for a good quality of our work.
4Fairness - a fair and ethical relationship towards business partners and employees is the basis of our cooperation.